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Hand-Made Brown Sugar Whaletball

THE BLACK WHALE's Brown Sugar Series all served by using the hand-made brown sugar which is freshly prepared daily, each cup is served freshly. The brown sugar whaletballs need to be brewed, boiled and stirred continuously for about 2-3 hours, with temperature of up to 100 degrees. After a long hour of cooking time, the fragrance scent, brown sugar syrup is absorbed entirely by whaletballs, each pearl is crystal clear in colour, full of bright luster, with chewy tender, sweet and layered taste. The freshly prepared brown sugar whaletballs can keep for only 3 hours, quite precious.


Exclusive Recipe for High Quality Premium Tea Leaves Roasted with High Temperature Fire


This is the brand idea created by THE BLACK WHALE. THE BLACK WHALE team in Malaysia is getting ready for almost 1 year in order to produce premium drinks with a good taste. We turn traditional tea drink into modern style by repackaging it, and produce tea drink exclusively special for Malaysian culture. We strictly control the materials selection and each production step. This is to ensure that every cup of drink is made with real materials. The high-quality tea leaves are originated from Taiwan and Yunnan, prepared by using hand-dried method, roasted under high temperature fire, and hence the taste is smoother and delicious. Moreover, the selection of high-quality tea bags which made of high density 'non-woven fabric' to serve tea soup with no residues. Each cup of freshly brewed tea must be served with one pack of premium tea bag. Boiled the premium tea bag with boiling water, to prepare mellowness and bright colour tea soup, scent aroma and delicious tea drink gives us a lot of enjoyments.


The First Created Skin Nourishment Honey Peach Gum

Other than the famous Brown Sugar Series, THE BLACK WHALE MSIA breaks the bound of traditional method, exclusively created the first unique ingredient --- with reputable name as 'natural bird's nest', and the physical appearance of Whalcano Series is extremely nice! These are the special drinks of THE BLACK WHALE with the used of tea's underneath ingredient as bright coloured peach gum, they can be the most fashionable drinks under the illumination of light! THE BLACK WHALE does not only focus on physical appearance of the peach gum, but also the nutritious ingredients it has consists, with skin nourishing effect, has greatly improve the drinks' healthy value for today! The processing of peach gum is very complicated, soak for 18 hours, wash and cook for 3 hours, therefore freshly prepared peach gum is limited until sold out, which is quite precious!


Premium Low-Fat Milk Cap

THE BLACK WHALE's premium low fat cheesy milk cap is made with cheese imported from New Zealand, smooth and dense taste, smoother than the regular milk cap that we drink in our daily lives, the slushy consistency is just fine. Meanwhile, the choice of using fresh milk to produce a low-fat milk cap is not just greatly reduced the calories of the traditional milk cap, but also make the taste feel much more better! Slightly salty milk cap, with tea aroma, layered taste, delicate fragrance. In conclusion, a nice cheesy milk cap matches with good tea, to prepare a heart-warming tea drink of THE BLACK WHALE.


Once, I met a girl in the crowds, and it was just once in a glance, yet unforgottable from then on. Every night, I will meet her in my dream, she transforms into a whale, swims over to me. I believe that there must be a token amid dreams and realities, enabling two lovers connect together. Drink as acquaintance, dessert as witness of love, depicting an imaginary ocean, and creating a beautiful sweet dream. Natural, beautiful, dream and pure.

The MSIA Outlets in Ipoh & Cheras will be Opening Soon

18 Jul
[THE BLACK WHALE in Ipoh Soho & Cheras Trader Square, Trial Operation, Half Price Promotion for Second Cup of Purchase!]   Good things come in pair! Super famous, u [...]

The MSIA Outlet in Kepong, KL & Permas Jaya, Johor will be Opening Soon

4 Jul
[THE BLACK WHALE in Kepong & Permas Jaya, Trial Operation, Half Price Promotion for Second Cup of Purchase!]   Good things come in pair! Super famous, upgraded bran [...]

The MSIA Outlet in Muar, Johor will be Opening Soon

21 Jun
[THE BLACK WHALE in Muar, Johor, Trial Operation, Half Price Promotion for Second Cup of Purchase!]   Super famous, upgraded brand The Black Whale has new opening! Hi [...]

The Third Outlet in MSIA will be Opening Soon

7 Jun
[THE BLACK WHALE Subang Jaya SS15 Trial Operation Promotion!]   The third outlet of upgraded brand The Black Whale MSIA will be opening on 08/06/2019 – 09/06/20 [...]

The Upgraded Super Golden Brand [The Black Whale]

27 May
The Upgraded Super Golden Brand [The Black Whale] Grand Opening for the First Outlet in Kuala Lumpur!! First Two Days Of Opening, Sold Out Up To 5,000 Cups!! The second outl [...]

The Second Outlet in MSIA will be Opening Soon

15 May
The second outlet of upgraded brand The Black Whale MSIA will be opening on 25/05/2019 – 26/05/2019 in Setapak PV 128, Kuala Lumpur. Sold out more than 10,000 cups i [...]

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