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Black Whale New Series Launch, Dalgona Series

17 Apr 2020
Black Whale New Series Launch, Dalgona Series
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Hooray! U can buy the Crazy Viral Dalgona Series on Tomorrow (18.4.2020). Available at all Black Whale Malaysia outlet & major Delivery Platform.
3 Fantastic Flavours you shouldn’t miss‼
1. Dalgona Coffee
Smooth layer of Choco-Coffee Foam with the perfect amount of fresh milk to create a not-too-strong, not-too-creamy and just-right flavour, leaving a lasting coffee aroma in the end.
2. Brown Sugar Dalgona Coffee
Velvety smooth Choco-Coffee Foam pairs with our in-house Brown Sugar Pearls, a perfect combination that gives you tender and chewy pearls and lasting coffee aroma.
3.Fiery Brown Sugar Dalgona Coffee
Capped with a layer of Caramelized Brown Sugar, giving you crunchy caramelised brown sugar bites with tender brown sugar pearls in aromatic coffee.
Every cup whisk for around 4000 times‼ Do stir well, evenly mix the Choco-Coffee Foam before consume the most delicious Dalgona.
Delicious & Surely tickle your fancy
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- GrabFood
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- Hungry2U
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