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Dalgona Avo Choco Officially Launched

08 May 2020
Dalgona Avo Choco Officially Launched
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#Dalgona Avo Choco
A Pioneer Signature Drink Creation & Hottest Drinks in the World!
Exclusively brought to you by Black Whale‼
Officially launched on 9/5 Saturday, #LimitedEdition (Available from 9/5 to 8/6)
#PerfectMatch of Fresh #Avocado + #DarkChocoFoam + Brown Sugar Pearls!! It's tasted da boom! 

- Handpicked Fresh Avocado from Australia is made into a creamy avocado smoothie! The bitterness of dark chocolate foam is perfectly mixed with the avocado smoothie, bringing you a joyous moment!

- Every sip contains the taste of sweet-bitterness of chocolate, creamy avocado smoothie, and Aromatic Brown Sugar pearls, creating an unforgettable drinking experience for you!
- Every Cup whisk for around 400 times! Remember stir well, evenly mix the #ChocoFoam before consume the delicious Dalgona.

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