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New Flavours Launch 每 Durian Yogurt Series

03 Jul 2020
New Flavours Launch 每 Durian Yogurt Series
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Durian Yogurt Series
Pioneer Signature Drink Creation of Durian ~ Durian + Strawberry & Durian + Mango. Exclusively brought to you by Black Whale!!
Officially launched on 3/7 Friday, Limited Edition (Available from 3/7 to 2/8).
3 Flavours:
  1. Fruity Durian Yogurt
  2. Fruity Durian-Mango Yogurt
  3. Fruity Durian-Strawberry Yogurt
The Perfect Match of Fresh Durian + Low Fat Yogurt + Chewy White Jade Crystal. It’s tasted da boom.
Each cup is filled with awesome D24 durian goodness, great enough to satiate your durian cravings.
*Available at all Black Whale Malaysia Outlet, except MyTown KL and Kota Laksamana Melaka outlet.

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