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iTQi International Superior Taste Award 2 Star

17 Feb 2021
iTQi International Superior Taste Award 2 Star
We are honoured to be granted 2-star in Superior Taste Award 2021 by iTQi !!

iTQi 2021 was conducted by Alain Nonnet (Famous Michelin chef), Alan Coxon (Bristol Presenter) and over 200 renowned Chefs. All different products are blindly tasted, through a rigorous process of sensory analysis. The ''Superior Taste Award'' is a prestigious recognition in the international food industry

These New award-winning drinks that specially brewed are soon to launch on March 2021

New Awarded Drinks:
1. Roasted Milk Tea
A unique roasted tea aroma, creates smooth and creamy taste that has a slight burnt flavour!

2. White Peach Oolong Milk Tea
Rich white peach aroma, gives a sweet and mellow double taste well-matched with Oolong!

3. Belgium Coco Milk
The perfect balance of rich dark chocolate and silky milk, an energizing choice to combat the heat!

We are proud and further motivated of having received an international certification for its permanence on high quality!