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Royal Whale Milk Tea

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Royal Whale Milk Tea Milk Tea Series

Royal Whale Milk Tea

Royal Whale Milk Tea is the soul of milk tea. The selection of high quality premium tea leaves originated from Taiwan, which are roasted under high temperature, provides strong tea aroma, and brewing together with milk, tea aroma and milky taste mixed quite well, and so the milk tea has a more delicious flavour! Thick milk tea matches with amber coloured pearls, honey juice added into the pearls, then boiled, the honey juice is absorbed entirely into pearls, each is crystal clear in colour, full of bright luster, with springy and chewy taste. Take a bite, with milky aroma and delicate smooth taste. Matches of tea aroma and milky flavour are just in right way, golden pearls with honey sugar's fragrance, with springy taste, very refreshing!

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