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Fruity Avocado Yogurt

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Fruity Avocado Yogurt Fruity Yogurt Series

Fruity Avocado Yogurt
Each cup is specially made with carefully handpicked fresh avocado fruits from Australia. Soft and delicate smooth of avocado pulp is mashed into puree, blended together with Black Whale special low-fat yogurt, creating a creamy & smooth avocado yogurt drink. Avocado’s fruit pulp is in fresh and delicate smooth taste, and is highly regarded for its high nutritional value. Combined with our low-fat yogurt, the nutritional value of the drink is doubled. Coupled with Black Whale’s in-house white jade crystals, every sip will present a chewy yet tender flair with a hint of avocado and yogurt fragrant, which also remind you of a sentimental young love. Fruit Avocado Yogurt is a cup of drink which is high in nutritional value!

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