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Brown Sugar Dalgona Avo-Choco

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Brown Sugar Dalgona Avo-Choco Dalgona Series

Brown Sugar Dalgona Avo-Choco

A pioneer signature drink creation in the world!! Exclusively brought to you by Black Whale!!
Every Cup is prepared specially with Premium Cocoa Powder from Belgium, coupled with Black Whale in-house Low-Fat Milk Cap and Fresh Milk. Constant whisking for around 400 times, forming a velvety smooth and rich Choco foam.
Handpicked Fresh Avocado from Australia, blended with Fresh Milk and Ice Cubes, creating a creamy avocado smoothie. The bitterness of dark chocolate is perfectly mixed with the avocado smoothie, bringing you a joyous moment.
Every sip contains the taste of sweet-bitterness of chocolate, creamy avocado smoothie, and Aromatic Brown Sugar pearls, creating an unforgettable drinking experience for you.

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